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28 avril 2011

Exclu !!! ALLO-ITW OF DJ SAMMY JO // Scissor Sister Tour's DJ

Pour vous lecteurs et lectrices, ce matin Just By Lorenzi vous dévoile son interview exclusive avec le DJ Sammy Jo.

Sammy Jo est un DJ qui mixe partout dans le monde...Barcelone, Paris (Club Sandwich), Tokyo et NYC... et reste néanmoins le DJ officiel des Scissor Sistors !!!


Just By Lorenzi (JBL) :  Where are you now Sammy ?
Sammy Jo (SJ) : I am in Barcelona right now.

JBL : Sammy why to be a DJ today ? a passion ? can you explain me your choice to be DJ ?
SJ : I was obsessed with music all my life so it seemed natural for me to become a dj. It chose me, I think. ; )

JBL : What kind of DJ are you ? In your opinion what is the difference with a good or bad dj today ?
SJ :  I'm a dj that likes to play all different styles of music in one session. I am not one of those strictly techno or house or minimal dj's. I think you can find good music in any genre so I like to explore them all. But you have to understand what your crowd is looking for. I think a bad dj is someone who ignores the people and what the dancefloor is saying to you.

JBL : How do you work (shazam, you listen to and remember the music in club...) ? When and where do you work (at home, when you are in a party, all the time ...) ?
SJ : I mainly work at home but of course if you are out at a club you are always paying attention to the music the dj is playing. If a dj plays a good song I usually will ask him or her what the song is.

JBL : Your favorite place to work ?
SJ : I love playing in Spain, but there are good parties everywhere. It's difficult to say one place is THE BEST.

JBL : What are your favorite groups or singers ?
SJ : I still love the music I listened to as a teenager; groups like New Order, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Depeche Mode, the Cure. I went through a Britpop phase so I love Pulp, Suede, Saint Etienne. Right now I am loving Tyson, Hercules & Love Affair, Monarchy, and Oh Land. I just saw her perform in San Francisco and she rocked.

JBL : What kind of music do you listen when you are alone ?
SJ : I don't listen to music when I am alone. Because it's my job to play music and I constantly have to listen to music to research what I will play at night, sometimes I just like it to be quiet at home. Sounds funny, right?


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JBL : What is your professional project actually ?
SJ : Right now I am starting to remix songs with my friend DJ Nita from NYC.

JBL : What is your futur professional projects ?
SJ : I will keep working with Scissor Sisters when they go on tour and hopefully I will start making dance music on my own. But I am a slow student hahaha.

JBL : Do you like Paris ? Why ?
SJ : I have always loved Paris because I studied there when I was in University. And now that I have been djing there at Club Sandwich and Bathroom Jalousie I love going to Paris for the parties and to see my friends.

JBL : When do you come back in Paris to play ?
SJ : I want to come back in June!

JBL : Where can we listen your sounds on the net ? perhaps a Myspace ?
SJ :

You can check out my tour dates at http://www.myspace.com/sammyjoscissorsisterstourdj and I have lots of dj sets and remixes uploaded at http://soundcloud.com/dj-sammy-jo

JBL : Thanks Sammy and see you very soon !!!

Sammy : XOXO

just by lorenzi,culture,dj sammy jo,sammy jo,scissor sister,club sandwich,bathroom jalousie

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